About Us

Wake Up America Group is a distinctive, unique and interactive distribution company. We strive to provide innovative, affordable and high quality products into Major Chain Retailers.

Combining innovative, affordable and high quality products together with our interactive distribution know-how we create successful products life cycle. Wake Up America Group provides joy and lifestyle for our modern society.

We develop our own products and we also partner with top leading manufacturer, creating state-of-the-art marketing and distribution campaigns.

Wake up America group began as a family affair and has become one of the most reliable, efficient and innovative retail product distributor in Florida by always treating our customers like our own family.

Success soon followed as our exceptional service, dedication, quality and responsiveness to customers' needs led to increasing sales and a reputation for reliability.

Today, Wake Up America Group has emerged as in-store retail distributor supplying Walgreens and other top chain retailers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and always with a happy smile.

As our family tradition continues, customer satisfaction remains the highest priority.

Wake up america has become one of the fastest growing and most respected in-store interactive distributor in Florida by continuing to innovate products, improve services and understand needs.

At Wake Up America, our customers come first, and our employees, service, technology, stockholders are second to none.
Now, relax and enjoy the show…